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Restoring financial injustice takes skill. Which is why we take great care to recruit and nurture the best possible employees - experts in their field. That way, our customers know their claim is in the very safest hands - and that the advice and support they receive is of the highest quality.

EMCAS has grown rapidly since we started out in 2003. But we've never rushed things when it comes to recruiting staff. We've always been very selective with the people who join us, seeking out staff who can bring knowledge, experience and skill.

Many of our staff have worked within the banking and financial sector so they know, better than most, the kinds of products our customers have been mis-sold. Others have run their own business, or worked at global brands, ensuring a blend of determination, expertise and professionalism that really helps when it comes to pursuing a claim.

We also expect our people to demonstrate a less definable quality - empathy. So they not only treat customers with respect, but also show warmth and understanding. And thanks to the continued learning we encourage (many staff take financial and specialist qualifications), our customers know their claim is being handled by someone who truly grasps the issue - and cares.

Despite the growth EMCAS has enjoyed, the firm remains, at its core, a family. Many of our managers started their careers with us and, with the right support, have moved through the company, helping inspire the next generation. In the goal for financial justice, expertise and passion are equally important qualities.

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Request A Call About Your Claim