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What does financial stability mean to you?

What Does Financial Stability Mean To You?

EMCAS 12.08.2016

For most of us financial stability is key to our peace of mind. Whether that be knowing there is enough money set aside for a rainy day or being able to treat ourselves at a specific time in the future like a wedding, house deposit or anniversary cruise etc.

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Mis-Sold Pension Transfer Advice

What You Need To Know About Mis-Sold Pension Transfers

EMCAS 27.07.2016

In the 1980s, it was uncovered that thousands of people had been badly advised when it came to transferring their pensions. If you think you might have been affected, it’s not too late to claim back what you may have lost.

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signs of endowment mortgage mis-selling

3 Signs That You Have Been Mis-Sold an Endowment Mortgage

EMCAS 27.06.2016

Endowment policies used to support a mortgage are long-term investment plans, they offer life cover and are used to support interest only mortgages.

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Mis-Sold Pension Transfer

Mis-Sold Pension Transfers: All You Need To Know

EMCAS 14.06.2016

Pensions are a form of saving, designed for people to pay into throughout their working life, allowing them to live comfortably when they retire.

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Financial Claims Management Companies

Are Claims Management Companies really to blame?

EMCAS 25.05.2016

Claims management companies have not always been held in the highest regard. Impart due to their association with cold calling. But this isn’t to say they don’t provide a much needed service to their clients.

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EMCAS Financial Mis-Selling

Financial Mis-Selling: Could you have been mis-sold over a decade ago?

EMCAS 29.04.2016

The mis-selling of financial products has been an ongoing saga for over a decade. This has left many people’s finances in an unstable position with some being owed thousands of pounds as a result.

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