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EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold FSAVC Claims

EMCAS Client Reviews for Mis-sold FSAVC Claims
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With our help, our clients have made successful FSAVC claims and received the compensation that they deserved

Free-Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution (FSAVC) and Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) schemes allow members of a workplace pension to pay extra contributions to ‘top up’ their retirement fund through a personal pension product. Although this sounds like a good idea to help individuals prepare and plan for their future, it did not always meet the projected expectations.

Thousands were advised to forego the opportunity to contribute to an employee AVC to setup a private pension or invest in an FSAVC. These financial products were both risky and sometimes poorly managed, causing some policyholders to lose out and have their future financial situations made uncertain after a lifetime of hard work. In fact, throughout our years of experience, we have found that customers often came to discover fees they hadn’t been made aware of, alongside conditions that could have affected the outcome of their investment.

At EMCAS, we were able to help customers whom have been mis-sold FSAVCs. We are very proud of the successful claims that are consistently being made with the help of our expert team. Below are a few reviews from some of our clients who were able to obtain compensation from making a FSAVC claim.

R. Haigh:

"I am extremely pleased with EMCAS and the results of its services. Had it not been for EMCAS I would not have known about claiming for mishandling of my AVCs. I thank you and will recommend* you to other people."

Mr Haigh was unaware that he was able to claim compensation for his mis-sold AVCs over the years until EMCAS came along. We took up his case and our financial experts were able to clearly identify that mistakes were made, we then supported him in making a successful claim.

Mrs Miskin: 

"Dear EMCAS,

I would like to thank you for the help you have given me in my claim on my FSAVC. Without your help I wouldn’t have known I had a claim. Mike Kiff kept me informed through each step of process. This is my second claim with EMCAS ands I have to recommend them for their professionality of dealing with my claim and the outcome. This extra money will help me get through my retirement years."

Prudential made a mistake and EMCAS rectified it.

We are very happy to have resolved this case for Mrs Miskin and secure her compensation after the mis-sale of her FSAVC, which she can now put towards her retirement fund.

Mr Jones:


EMCAS did a thoroughly professional job with a mis-sold FSAVC policy which I had been paying into since 1992.

The company that mis-sold policy originally offered a rather paltry £2,000 in compensation. Thanks, to EMCAS who contested this offer, I was then offered a sum of just over £31 thousand what a difference! Without EMCAS’s pro-active stance, the vast majority of my money would never have been seen again.

Thank you to EMCAS for redressing the balance."

Mr Jones has been paying into his underperforming FSAVC for over ten years and when we first took up his case, the original offer given to us was just £2,000. As we didn’t deem this offer fair, we encouraged Mr Jones to further pursue the case, which resulted in securing him a life changing £31,000 in compensation.

* Certain compensation figures for mis-sold FSAVC pensions cannot be revealed publicly by request of the client. The testimonials above are all cases that ended in compensation payment being made to our clients after the mis-sale of their FSAVCs.

If you think you have been mis-sold a FSAVC pension, even if you are unsure whether you qualify for a claim, simply contact one of our experts today and our team will be very happy to help. 

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