Unsure if you have been affected by mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance?

It’s one of the UK’s biggest mis-selling scandals but many are still unsure what is and how it might have affected them (1). Founded back in 2003, EMCAS has been here since the beginning of the crisis, using our expertise to help our clients recover over £250 Million in compensation (2).

We’ve distilled that knowledge into a handy guide so if you’re looking to understand what Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is, how it came about and how you can check to see if you have been affected by it then simply;

  1. Fill in your name and email address
  2. You’ll then be sent our informative brochure about PPI
  3. Simply read, and if you haven’t already, take steps to check if you’ve been affected

1 PPI mis-selling scandal: Five things you need to know about compensation (Independent)
2 Internal statistics taken between 01/01/2009 – 01/06/2016

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